Soulja Boy Hit With Paternity Suit

Rsoulja boy allege sonapper Soulja Boy is the latest celebrity to be hit with a paternity suit by a young woman who he allegedly got pregnant five years ago.

TMZ reports that the mother Diamond Shantaniece Mackay, who claims that Soulja Boy is the father of her 5 years old son, Portion, has proof of their intimate sexacaped, a picture in an hotel room where she took the pregnancy test which came back positive in 2007. She admits that she has slept with another guy but he was mixed race and her child doesn’t look “mix”.

We haven’t seen the picture but TMZ says the picture shows the young lady telling the happy news to Soulja Boy who didn’t look happy. She claims that he took a home DNA test and texted her 0% and changed his number after. She maintains that she s still convinced he is the father and wants him to take a DNA test.

Should we call Maury?

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