Star in LaLa’s Full Court Life Reality Show Talks Her Nose Job

She featured in LaLa’s Full Court Life and she has decided to just be honest about the work she’s done instead of hiding.

Here’s what she had to say :”“I am really happy with my nose job. It’s still a little swollen. I think I’ll know more so in a couple months but I am very happy with the decision I made and I don’t necessarily think I want [anything else] done but when I turn 50 I may want a boob lift or something. I think that’s okay. I’m not an advocate of don’t be yourself. I am an advocate of self-improvement and if you think it can help you longer and further in regards to self-esteem I think you should do it. I’m a very transparent person, but I was raised to be myself, meaning that myself is okay. In being yourself I faced a lot of challenges with my physical appearance. I faced a lot of challenges with my family as everybody else does. My decision to tell the story of the nose job on camera was…I mean I thought about it first. I thought about it for a very long time. A nose job is something I always wanted to have. And I’m not good with keeping up with lies. I’m not good at saying, ‘No, I didn’t do it.’ I’m not good at saying, ‘No, I didn’t get a nose job. No, I don’t like girls.’ I’m not good at that. It’s boring! It gets on my nerves. It’s annoying. So I felt that, yeah, I want people to know this. If they think I got f––ked up, yeah, I got f––ked up. If they think I look great [then] I look great because I would hope our reality TV is that of which you can take our experiences and learn from them and apply them to your everyday life. So hey, little girls and boys, Po Johnson had a nose job. I’m fine with it. I really [couldn’t] give a s–-t. What I do give a s-–t about is lying to the world.”

Here are pictures of before and after. I still find nose jobs to be very unnatural looking. po johnson po johnson after nose








Have you ever considered plastic surgery? I have until i found out how painful it was, i chose to live with myself the way i am.

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