Being Mary Jane Season 1 Episode 5

being mary jane

Mary Jane helps Andre find the right house after he divorces Avery. He gets bad news that his house won’t be ready on time. She proposes that he comes to live with her for the time being. He reluctantly agrees. Reaches dinner time, Mark passes by she pushes Andre to hide. He discovers her poems and wonders why she hides them. He tells her to lay them around the house, he doesn’t mind it.

Mary Jane’s mom, Hellen, comes home to question her husband on why he didn’t get a platinum table, he explains that he needed the money. She doesn’t want to hear and tell him to find a way to get that platinum table for her charity event. He does as she asks and goes to see Sharice asking her if he can get her table. She refuses at first but she wants to bargain more than just money.

Kara tells Mary Jane that Terrence Michelle lied about everything he wrote in his book, journalism fraud. She pushes Mary Jane to ask him since it’s her friend and to interview him. She refuses at first but ends up agreeing. She corners Terrence who when he realizes what she’s up to refuses to show up at her show. She puts him on blast on live television. She gets backlash from the community about putting a black man on blast while many white ones do the same and gets recognition.

Mary Jane invites Andre to the Gala but he refuses because he doesn’t want to publicly embarass Avery, especially they aren’t divorced yet.  Paul asks his accountant for his account balances, he sends him his son’s by mistake and he is flabbergasted about the balance, $78,000. He questions him on whether he is selling drugs but he tells him it’s just a bank error and the balance is a student loan.

At the gala, Mary Jane flirts with David, she nearly kisses him but he tells her that he is seeing someone. She leaves very upset. She cries at home as Andre attempts to comfort her and promises her to go with her to the next one.

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