Tracey Morgan Involve In Car Car currently in critical Condition

tracy morganLast Night, he was involved in a six-car collision which included two tractor trailers. His comedy writer, Jimmy mack died at the crash site.

According to report he was returning from his show in Delaware when his limo bus wasrear-ended by the tracter at around 1am. It caused the lip to flip over.

“Tracy remains in critical condition at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. He sustained these injuries in an accident that occurred early this morning as one of several passengers in a chauffeured SUV returning from a tour date in Delaware. His family is now with him and he is receiving excellent care. We don’t anticipate much of a change in his condition today but will provide a further update once more information becomes available.”

Police say 2 tractor-trailers, 2 cars, an SUV and the limo bus were involved in the chain collision and, at this point, they do not believe alcohol was a factor in the crash. Tracy had a standup gig Friday night in Delaware and was on his way home when the accident happened.

Another comedian was riding with Tracy last night Ardie Fuqua was the opening act in Delaware. Ardie tweeted pics of Tracy on stage and of himself standing next to the bus. In a Facebook post he wrote, “We traveled back to NYC in style in a luxury Mercedes Sprinter. Road life is a good life!” That was posted roughly 30 minutes before the accident. It’s unknown what Ardie’s condition is at this point, or if he was still on the bus at the time of the wreck.

The single fatality was a 63-year-old named James McNair.

Tracy’s rep says the comedian’s family is with him now and he’s currently receiving “excellent care.” Doctors don’t anticipate a change today to his current condition.

My prayers goes out to everyone involve in the car crash. It is also believed that the driver will be charged.

Story developing ….

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