Remy Ma Visits 106 and Park

Remy Ma was recently released from jail and she went to 106 and park with her husband Papoose. She candidly discussed her trip to jail.

On the hardest part of being in prison
I would say the hardest thing that it took me to get used to was asking people for things because you can’t just go the store, you can’t do anything for yourself. As artists we’re used to people doing stuff for us, not because we ask them to do it, but most of the time it’s their job to do it. So when you’re calling somebody and asking for basic things like, ‘Could you go and pick me up some soap and bring it up here? Could you go pick up sneakers or boots because it’s about to be snowing?’ It’s very hard, especially because I’m very prideful. I’ll give anybody anything, you can have my last, but as far as me asking for something, I’d die before I ask for anything. That was probably the hardest thing for me to be able to do to, send my feelings out and let people know that I needed their help.

On what she learned from her experience in prison
I would say you have to be very careful about the decisions you make because one mistake could literally negate every good thing that you’ve ever done in your whole life. That’s something that I learned. I should send out to the people to know to be very careful because you could be the best person in the world and do everything perfect and one little thing can alter your life dramatically.

On why she thinks it’s so much division in hip hop
I think sometimes as females we allow people to come in and say, ‘You have to go at her or she’s trying to be like you or she’s trying to take your spot,’ instead of just embracing each other. I never had a problem, like if I see a chick walking, I’ll say, ‘Your shoes are lit right now, I have no problem telling you that.’ Some people have a problem as females telling other females when they’re doing something good or even working with them. They feel like it’s competition. If I listen to what people say in my comments like you need to go at this person, you need to crush this person…nah. I’m happy to see any female—any black, young individual or minority doing well, and I would do anything to help that.

On Papoose planning their wedding.
Actually, he’s more hyped about having a wedding more than me. ‘Oh, we have to put this song on the playlist!’ Every time, he’s like ‘Oh, they have to play this! They have to put this on the playlist.’ According to all the songs he wants played at the wedding so he can show off and do his little ‘I’m Papoose husband dance.’ Ya’ll don’t even know the Papoose that I know. Our wedding’s probably gonna be like three days long.”

Hit play to watch the interview

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