Tina Knowles Shares Her Struggle with Divorce, Self-Esteem, Death, and much more

The very private, Tina Knowles, shared a lot of her private life. She attended a luncheon where she was the key note speaker.

She shared a lot regarding when she was 5 years old, at the Nun schools, being mistreated, picked on as her mother, father, brother were basically servants to them. How the nuns told her she had a rebellious spirit and that she didn’t belong there. She went to explain how she got where she is today. Marrying Beyonce’s father, losing her father, her mother and getting pregnant the same year. Screwing up, Destiny’s child first contract. The divorce, her husband remarrying soon after, restarting everything at 58. And so much more.

Whether someone wants to debate, if what she says is true. As a woman, who herself, was lied to, cheated on, having my son being verbally and physically abused. A divorce is never easy, restarting, pushing your self-esteem and going further is never easy. So I feel for her, fortunately, I was able to do it young and having amazing kids, definitely helps.  So ladies, you pull your sleeves up, push forward, and make it. Beyonce also released a track for her mother, she titled ,Ring Off, watch it right under Mrs Knowles’ video.

Watch the video, It is worth it.


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