Jay-Z’ supposed Nephew Hates him on Twitter

jay-z bey onceA person twitted at Jay-Z, basically complaining about how he changed along these years and blames Beyonce. It is reported that it is Jay-Z’s nephew .

“When ya bro who wuunt smile for camera starts to take selfies for his bitch you know she that typa control freak. U changed man. Ur lyfe aint d same since tha bitch came in. Now u think ur fam are her mother/sister/newphew. We aint let in ur crib. U won’t forgive aunt mickey but u forvgave ur bitch drunk sis. After she hit u like a bitch man for the world to see. Smh. cos she don’t want u round ur family n u say yes like u is some p uppet. Bday in iceland so we don’t get invited. Shit is mama gloria don’t find it weird. She like that bitch. Be tellin TT and crew not to be immoral in school. She says B like B, lost her innocence to ur uncle. Wait itl 21. Maybe dat y u r still in? i disvirgined over 4 chicks no strings man. You prolly under some voodoo shit she did to u. She’s alway sin new orleans anyway. U need to b bruv ja again not this wuss.”

Before judging Jay-Z, i think he should instead stay in school and watch his grammar. It’s terrible. The twitter account has been disabled since. Can’t talk about the man and not expecting a backlash.

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