How to get away with Murder Season Finale Recap

Annalise advises her client, a priest, Father Andrews, who’s accused of murdering a fellow priest. He at first admits his guilt until he sees a woman and begs Annalise to reverse his plea. She agrees to it by blaming herself. The priest admits that he killed the fellow priest because he found out, what he had suspected was true, he had been molesting kids. She wants him to tell the truth on stands but he refuses because the priest had confessed and he can’t break his vows. Annalise sniffs that the woman the priest saw, must be a woman he’s in love with. She denies but after admits that they are in love. She pushes her to come testify to save her man from going to jail. She admits on the stand that they had sex. Father Andrews decides to change his plea to guilty. The woman tells Father Andrew she loves him but he tells her he doesn’t.

Annalise asks Frank to contact his connection at the jail after Nate gets bailed denied, to get him beat up which will get him released but her plans goes south when he is simply sent to solitary. She decides to use Asher, to go speak with the Judge Redding preceding over Nate’s case, Frankly secretly takes pictures and sends it with the caption of ‘conflict with interest’, which forces her to leave the case to someone else. Nate gets released. Annalise goes to see him. She swears to him that she had nothing to do with the murder being pinned on him but tells him that she was able to get rid of the judge when he thanks God, the judge was replaced. she chastises him for not calling the number she gave him. Ash questions Bonnie on why they needed the Judge Redding with the Father Andrew case or whether it was for Nate’s case.

Annalise has to go see the new prosecutor on the Nate’s case. she explains they had sex and that Nate followed her home. She quizzes her on why she didn’t report this on her original report. She wanted to protect Nate. She explains that when she got home Sam was getting ready to skip town, that he was drunk, yelling at her, Nate attempted to calm him down. Sam wouldn’t so Nate had to hold him down. Nate calls Annalise wondering why she lied, she tells him she’s just trying to get him to win the case. He confirms he understands that if he had physical contact with Sam, It would explain why his prints were on the rings. He tries to get her to admit, she doesn’t but reminds her that she did not set him up for Sam’s murder and begs him to call the number. He does so.

Wes goes home and chooses not to confront Rebecca on what he is suspecting. Wes continues to dig and speaking to it to Laurel who continues to tell him to forget it. He continues to dig finding more proof that she lied about not being there. While Wes and Laurel are whispering, Micheala overhears and wants to know what happened. Wes tells them that the believe she lied, Micheala, Wes, Laurel and Connor goes to see her at home. They question her, she continues to refuse the guilt. After being threaten by Micheala to get destroyed, she tells them that she found the campus cop who seen them at the Sam Keating murder scene, who was fired on false charges and moved to Delaware so he wouldn’t see the news. She threatens them to call him. Annalise is called at Wes’ apartment and sees Rebecca tied up in the bathroom. She brings her to her house. She tells the team for each to prove her, they were wrong that Sam did not kill Lila and that Rebecca did it and they will bring her to justice. Rebecca insinuates that Wes may have killed his own mother. Rebecca texts a number “Egg 911, Lawyer’s house” when Asher comes wondering why everyone is working but him. They run to the basement so he doesn’t find them. As he threatens Frank to beat him if he speak, Annalise walks in. Bonnie is upset and tells him that Frank won’t speak because she knows a few things on him.

We get a flash back of 5 months earlier, august 29th, Rudy listens as Rebecca and Lila argues, Lila blames Rebecca for everything she has done such has sleeping with Mr Darcy, she tells her that she will be going back to Griffin and to never contact her again. Rebecca goes to see Griffin, they drink and she prepares to have sex but not before texting Lila from Griffin’s phone to come see him so they can talk. She walks in on them having sex. Lila gets angry at both of them while Rebecca tells her that he isn’t worth her time. Lila calls Mr Darcy, she tells him she tried to have sex with Griffin so he would think the baby was his, but refused. She reminds him that she will not have the abortion. Before hanging up she tells him she will be telling his wife. As Sam calls Annalise to tell him he didn’t get the job, Lila knocks on the door, asking to see her regarding her husband. Bonnie tells her she’s not home, she tells her to go home or she’ll regret it. She cries before leaving that her husband won’t be able to keep it a secret. Sam calls Lila  who tells him she’s on the roof. Griffin searches for her but doesn’t find her.

Back at Annalise’s, the team plead their cases to get Rebecca charged with murder to Annalise but she tells them, that all they have are speculations, they don’t have a case. Laurel attempts to find out whether Frank will kill Rebecca, he takes offense to this and leaves.Michaela goes to meet Hayden’s mother, she tells her that she will not be returning the ring. The mother tells her that she still wants them to get married, Micheal refuses and accuses him to be gay. Back at Annalise, Annalise tells Wes to grow up and get his girlfriend to tell him the truth. He does so and she admits that she did lie, she gave Rudy PCP with purple x, which made him react badly. She admits that she did search for Lila, went on the roof to get her to forgive her. Did find her in the water tank but she was already dead and hide in it so no one found her. Wes believes her. Annalise  reminds them that everything has to do with the one who has the most convincing story. They wonder what they will do with Rebecca, Annalise tells them, they will release her but they are afraid she will go to the Police. Annalise tells them she will simply asks her nicely not to. Bonnie lays into them when Laurel asks Frank again to do something about it. When she gets downstairs, Rebecca has fled, they wonder who let her go. Wes cries on Annalise’s shoulder, she tells him to repeat numerous time that Sam is the one who killed Lila. Asher gets a visit from the Nate’s prosecutor for questioning on Annalise. Laurel brings the ring back to a drunk Michaela. Tells her that she found it in the car but kept it as an insurance police, to stop her from going to the police.

We get another flash back of ,Rebecca is seen finding Lila and trying to revive her. Sam reaches the roof where Lila is. He attempts to find out whether she went to his house, she lies, she didn’t that it was a ruse for him to come to her. He confesses his love for her, he promises to leave his wife and be with her. He leaves and calls an anonymous person and tells him that he owes him and he needs to do as he planned. We see gloved hands strangling Lila….Frank is the one who killed Lila.

We get other flash back of Asher wondering who Frank is, whether he is a bodyguard. Frank asking Annalise whether she wants him to handle Sam’s sister, just to say the word. Frank getting upset that Laurel is seeing him as a hitman.

Oliver tells Connor that he wants them to get tested to make sure they are safe. Connor stresses but agrees to it. They get tested which gets Connor very nervous. Oliver is tested negative. Connor goes home to a crying Oliver who admits he is HIV positive and he did hope he would have HIV too so they would be in this together. When the house is empty, Annalise goes downstairs, wondering whether Frank did it? He denies that he’s that guy but thought Annalise was, she denies it. He questions her…now what? As we see a body under the stair case, who killed Rebecca?

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