Marvel Agents S.H.I.E.L.D.S – 212 – Who you really are

A mysterious woman comes out of the water in Portugal asking for ‘Carver’. The Portugual authorities calls Colson asking him to come for her. Turns out she is Lady Sif and she lost her memory. They show her a video of her fighting a man but she doesn’t remember the fight. They conclude that he is dangerous. While watching the video, they find that she was able to hurt him, they investigate the area and realise the blue liquid, was liquid nitrogen. Skye and Bobbi goes to investigate the hospital, see if they saw the man, one woman has lost her memory. They conclude he must be close since he needs to repair himself. They walk up on him, he turns blue, Bobbi gets knocked out and Skye looses control of her emotions and disintegrates the gun and earthquake begins. Mack attempts to persuade Bobbi to dump Hunter so he doesn’t find out their plans. Meanwhile Agent Mae attempts to teach Skye to control her emotions to fight.He’s able to get away. Coulson offers Mack to join them on the fields. Lady stif realizes he’s a Kree and that carver means keys. Skye worries to Fitz that she’s not able to control it, he assures her that he’s running diagnostic to find out exactly how she changed. Skye refuses to go back on the field, blaming getting knocked out. They apprehend Vin-Tak, he gives the memories back to Lady Stif, he explains that he is here because an ancient single was triggered, the diviners, that their experiment succeeded, that humans have been transformed.

They mention Reena transformed, and mentions that Skye was there. She maintains she saw nothing. Vin-Tak calls these creatures abomination and must be put to death. That not all, will show changes on the surface but will be deep inside. Skye’s emotions got the best of her, earthquakes, Coulson asks her what’s happening. She admits she is. Lady Stif demands for Skye. They all refuse. Mae attempts to get Skye to control her emotions but instead shoots herself unconscious.

Lady Stif agrees to leave her behind but warns Coulson that keeping Skye is great danger but understands why they want to protect her. She takes Vin-Tak back to his planet. Mae reminds Coulson what they’ve said about Sky :”Whereve Skye goes, death follows.” Sky walks up on them discussing her and hears Mack calling her a danger. She goes to the quarantine room.

Hunter meets Mack to ask him what him and Bobbi are hiding, that he figured out that there’s a flash drive that Coulson doesn’t know about, there isn’t any support group and who back up is. Mack puts him to sleep.

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