The Vampire Diaries 616 – The Downward Spiral

Stefan and Elena tries to find her but realize she emptied her dorm room and house. Caroline gets drunk at the bar, Elena’s ex boyfriend Liam comes by. They make out and she bites him, she attempts to drain him but can’t. She comes back to her dorm room, bought her entire wardrobe and warns her friends that if they attempt to force her to flip her humanity back before a full year, she will make them regret. She admits that she could still hear a little voice in her head telling her It would be wrong to eat Liam.

Damon goes to check if his mother’s body is in her coffin, It isn’t. Enzo admits to Sarah that he is a vampire, she isn’t surprised. He asks Kai, to get his mother back, he tells him, he need the ascendant from 1903, he agrees to get information on it on one condition, that he gets Bonnie to hear his apologies.  Damon attempts to speak to Bonnie about Kai but she makes it clear that she doesn’t believe he changed one bit and she will never speak to him. He goes to the rave to ambush Bonnie so Kai. He attempts to apologies, but Bonnie warns him that if she sees his face again, she will melt it and stomps off. Damon goes to see her, to explain why he did it, that he needs to find his mother. Bonnie gets upset and makes him feel every bit of pain Kai put her through and tells him to leave, as she cries. Bonnie leaves a voicemail for Jeremy, that she’s back, but she isn’t herself, and will get back in touch when she’s back to herself. Kai tells Damon that he can’t bring his mom back, that she was a ripper, killed over 3000 people, she turned in 1858. Damon is crushed.

Bonnie comes to see Elena, they celebrate her return. She quizzes Bonnie on why she hasn’t called Jeremy, she tells him she wants him to live a bit before she tells him. Caroline plans a Rave party. Elena and Bonnie goes to make sure she doesn’t do anything. Stefan blames himself for Caroline and will stop at nothing to make her flip it back. He goes to see her, admits his feelings, she’s ready to kiss him but gets upset and tells him he’s going to regret it. She speaks to Enzo and figures out that Steffan compelled Sarah to not care about Vampires. She kidnaps Sarah and locks her at the hospital with Liam and compels him to have surgery on her on her command. She tells Steffan that she can’t live with him being himself, he has to turn his humanity switch off or she’ll have Liam cut Sarah’s heart out. Steffan ask Liam to remember about honesty and asks him where he is. He tells him and Elena goes to save her. She’s on time, she heals her with her blood but when she calls Steffan, she realizes that he already turned his humanity switch off.

If Damon’s mother is a vampire, how can she had Damon and steffan? Vampires can’t have kids.

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