Kelly Rowland Talks Motherhood and the passing of her mother

Kelly Rowland welcomes her son about a month ago.

““I actually wish I would have had him sooner. It’s just so much joy. I just feel so blessed … I try to wake up a little bit earlier than him because I like watching his face in the morning, because he wakes up smiling. It just does something for my spirit. I have the most beautiful picture with Titan and my mom. When he came home … he was just right on her chest and she was very happy. There’s moments when I’m changing Titan and he’s just kind of looking over my head and he just bursts out in giggles, and I’m like, ‘Hey, mom.’“I just feel like she’s always somewhere near. She prepared me for this time. She told me I’d be a great mom. One of the last things she told me was how proud she was of me.’

She also talked about being blessed on having Beyonce’s mother in her life. It was a beautiful interview and also an amazing Intro “It’s such a revelation, that some of the many Destiny’s child biggest hit, were about Kelly Rowland and the alleged abusive relationship she survived. She didn’t only survive it, today she is living the dream”.

Watch the interview below. (I never noticed how much her and Beyonce,speak and sound alike, wow.)

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