The Originals – s216 – Save My Soul

Rebecca dreams of her slaughtering kids and wakes up frighten. The witches comes asking for Eva / Rebecca be giving to them. Marcus refuses as Elijah walks in reminding them of their deal. Josephine gives them 24 hours to find the true responsible or they will come for her. Rebecca goes to ask Davina for help, she explains that she believes that Eva is waking up and taking control. Rebecca leaves Davina’s place with no answers but passes out in the graveyard. She wakes up 2 hours later and has no idea where she is.

Klaus invited Freya to come to speak with him and Elijah. She explains her story, she was taken by Dhalia, she craves for more power. They are both limited to 1 year every centuries to live, juiced up with more magic and she wants to be free, that’s why she’ll take Hope and take her powers for herself.  That Dhalia augmented Freya’s powers  as she’s able to drain from her. She murdered anyone who were against her. She explain that she was bullied and denied of love and having a family and promised to take every first born to raise as her own image so she could draw endless powers but that turned out impossible when Ester turned her children into vampire. She then demanded Freya give her a child, but she refused. Klaus questions her why she hasn’t committed suicide but she admits she considered it but the spell that made them sleep 1 year every century made her immortal.  Rebecca  goes to the house, Freya tells her that she shouldn’t fear, she knows a spell to put her in a deep sleep and she’ll be able to suppress Eva. Klaus suggests they get Davina to check the spell before, Freya counters that she wouldn’t be able to understand her magic. She appeals to Elijah and Rebecca to trust her but Klaus snaps her neck. She wakes up hours later angry. He pushes her to tell him the truth, he senses she isn’t completely honest. She admits that Dhalia let her fall in love, she was pregnant with a boy and Dhalia killed the man after he begged for the child to be free. She poisoned herself but woke up, she then found out she was immortal but the baby had died. Klaus refuses to believe her and warns her to follow his rules. SHe counters that he should rethink his alliances.

The wolves are training at camp, Aiden warns Jackson that if he doesn’t lead properly, he will be left alone and complains about Klaus treating them like they are dogs on leeches.  Hayley demands Klaus gives Jack his freedom, she warns her that if anyone disobey him, they will pay and she will be to blame.

Vincent is kept by Marcus and drugged so he can’t focus and do magic. He’s surprised he has been out for 9 months. He wants information from him which he refuses to speak when he finds out it’s about Eva. They bring him to Camille in the hope of him opening up to her. Vincent agrees to see Eva/Rebecca, turns out, she was his wife. Rebecca goes to sleep, she gets images of kids in a place with marks on their head. She begs Marcel to stay, he agrees. Back at the place, we see Davina on the floor with a mark on her forehead.

Klaus goes to see Elijah who tells him not to worry, that his daughter will be saved and if Freya betrays them, he will make her pay himself. At the baby’s crib, we hear Dhalia singing.


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