The Vampire Diaries 617 – A Bird in a Gilded Cage and Next Week’s Trailer

Sarah is at the hospital, she was compelled to forget and they await for Elena’s blood to be out of her system.Caroline tells Enzo to stay out of her way as she is going to audition for a play. She performs but Stefan cuts the director’s head. He tells her that unlike her, he doesn’t have a system to keep him in check, so since she promised to make his life a living hell,  now it’s his turn. If his life falls apart when his humanity switch is back, so will hers, she will be drowning in mistakes. He promises to break her. In return Caroline breaks his bike apart. Enzo enlists the help of Alaric to lock Caroline and Stefan. nzo enlists the help of Alaric to lock Caroline and Stefan. Alaric wonders why he wants, he tells him he wants him, with his humanity so he can make him suffer.Alaric wonders why he wants, he tells him he wants him, with his humanity so he can make him suffer. Stefan offers to Kill Alaric and Enzo but Caroline refuses. He pushes her to feed on an innocent, they end up making out.

Damon attempts to put Stefan to sleep but doesn’t succeed. He breaks everything and share the news about his mom to Elena. He realizes that it made sense where Stefan got his Ripper ways. Elena believes their mother could be Stefan’s emotional trigger. He asks Bonnie for help to save Stefan and Caroline, she agrees to speak to Kai, who only agrees to go if she goes. Damon, Bonnie, Kai and Elena goes to 1903. They split up, Bonnie and Kai to find the ascendant while Damon and Elena goes to find her mom. They find her and explain the Stefan ordeal. She agrees to help. They find out there is more than just her in that prison. She talks about learning to control her blood lust to save her friends. Damon prevents his mother to feed her friends and tells her, he will leave her if she doesn’t help him save Stefan.

Kai attempts to apologize to Bonnie, tells her that his guilt keeps him up at night. He gets angry and grabs her but appologizes again. She tells him no matter how real he may be, the old him is still inside him. She believes she finds the ascendant but stabs him multiple time in the back. He tells her he’s changed and she counters, she has to. Bonnie makes the speak and leave Kai behind. He gets held by one of the vampires.

Bonnie gives a present to Damon, after thanking him helping her to find closure. From when they were stuck in the prison world, he had mapped his way there. The cure to vampirism.

Trailer from Next week’s episode :”I never could love like that”.

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