Amber Rose is releasing a book on how to take good pictures and get followers

Amber Rose always feels the need to speak regarding all the claims that she has been photoshopping her body to post them on Instagram. We finally know why, to push the book sales. Paparazzi recently snapped a picture of her on the beach, which Kat Stacks did a collage with to throw shades at her. Amber Rose claims was a bad angle, when she was questionned as to why she had dimples on the paparazzi picture but not on the shot she posted a few weeks ago.

Here’s what she had to say :” Hey Rosebuds this is the raw unfiltered untouched version of the picture I posted 2 days ago (Didn’t have time to post thi yesterday 2 busy being a mom) Anyways It wasn’t photoshopped at all only a yellow sunny filter on it. Fortunately u don’t have paparazzi purposely taking bad angled unflattering pics of u. Unfortunately i do. Has anyone ever taken a pic of u when u weren’t looking and put i ton the Gram without telling u? Horrible right? Welcome to my life Lol It’s all about how u pose. I k now my very best angles in every pic I take. I’ll teach u how to learn all ur best angles for ur Pictures in my New Book “How to be a bad bitch I talk about Angles, Filters, the best apps, How to get ur follows up fast and much more! I’m giving u all of my little secrets. #HoToBeABadBitch is up for pre-sale NOw On S&S book page, Amazon, Kindle, Bam, IndieBound,Google play.”

Regardless of the little flaws that some people find her in, I find that she’s in pretty good shape for a mom. I know a lot of chicks who would pay up to have half of what she has.

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