Marvels Agents Shield 2014 – Love in the Time of Hydra

Ward and Agent 33 are at the dinner to get Selwyn to fix her programming to get her face back. He does so and advices Ward to find a picture or something so she can take her original face back. She attempts to repay Ward back by offering him to sleep with her as she looks like Skye. He refuses and tells her after Skye refused him, that he would get over her especially after she shot him. She apologize profusely and explains that she hoped if she looked like her, they may had a chance to be together.  He tells her there is a chance but only when she looks like her original self, she gets upset saying that face is gone since she doesn’t remember. He tells her he understands where she is coming from, he’s been there, It took time for him to find himself and he plans on helping her do the same, that she is the only one who can find herself but that she can find closure by going to get Bakshi, she remembers that he was the one who got her from the safe house to prepare her for surgery for Whitehall.  She questions how they would get him since he’s in federal custody. She takes the face of Carla Talbot and sneaks in the base to kidnap Bakshi. Back home, Agent 33 is able to take her original face. Ward reintroduce’s himself to Kara (Agent 33) and tells her he’s proud of her. They have a scared Bakshi attached to a chair with his eyes taped open. He questions if he obeys will it be faster, she counters it doesn’t make a difference.

Simmons puts protectors to Skye’s arms to heal her arms. Per the recommendation of Dr Garner May suggests Coulson that she needs to be sent away. He is skeptical, believes Skye can overcome this but agrees and brings her to the retreat. He got Simmons to create special gloves that would help her control her powers, reduce the magnitude, to prevent her from hurting herself and heals her much faster but she warns about repercussions. He compares her to his favorite red corvette, and reminds her that she is one of the few people he trusts. He promise to be back in a few days, hugs her and promise that they will figure it out. Back at the Shields Simmons and Fitz arguing over Skye, that Simmons isn’t trying to change Skye, she counters that she isn’t trying to change her but fix her.

Hunter is taken to see Robert Gonzales, they explain him that Coulson isn’t directing the real Shield, they are. That Coulson is heading down the same path as Fury, after Fury injected him with alien dna. He explains that Bobbie saves his life and blames Coulson for these tragedies, especially seeking the alien tech which turned Raina and Skye. Bobbie comes in to attempt to get Hunter on their side. He questions whether Bobbie believes or not, she confirms that she believes that Coulson has been compromised.  She gets ordered that they have to keep Hunter until they deal with Coulson. Bobbie apologizes to Hunter, she wanted to keep him out, she’s the one who gave his name to Coulson cause they needed backup but didn’t expect him to stay. Hunter appeals to her, to chose them over the ‘real’ shields, she apologizes, counters she needs to complete her assignment. He tells her that he will be leaving, she says she won’t stop him but the others will. He’s able to escape. Agent Calderon questions Bobbie’s commitment, she counters that she needs to take care of Coulson not Hunter.

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