Marvels Agents Shields – 213 – One of us

Zabo frees Karla Faye Gideon, who’s indexed in the gifted index, to recruit her to help him destroy Coulson. He explains that any gifted that were ‘fixed’ to prevent them from hurting anyone. He shows Levi who had a chip implanted in his arm to prevent him from getting close to any tech. he was able to free them, he removes the shackle so she can use her fingers that have sharp blades at the tips. She at first refuses but ends up accepting.  She worries that she’s not powerful enough but Zabo counters that they are a team, and can make it together. Angar gets freed by Zabo, he had his vocal cords exposed to experiment, which brings catatonic states to anyone who hears him. Karla still has doubts, she believes Shields robbed them enough, but Zabo tells them that they had to continue, to save Skye and to prevent them from doing the same to others.  They remove the mouth shield on Angar’s mouth and he screams and knocks everyone down.

Coulson spends some time with Skye, he has no choice to put her in the gifted index. She explains that she’s able to control her powers when she talks about everyone screwed up around her. They have to get her a full psychiatric exam, May offers to get her ex husband, Dr Garner to assess her. He at first is upset that she didn’t bother to let him know she was alright after Shield collapse. He agrees but on his terms. Skye is upset that she has to go through it, but agrees when May tells him he’s good , she knows because they used to be married which spikes her curiosity. He admits to shed some information between him and May. Tremmor begins, they realize it’s Skye, they go check on her, she was dreaming. He questions her on what she was dreaming.  Garner attempts to get Skye to speaks but she avoids the subject. She explain she dreamed she was on a mission with her looking through the scope of her riffle and then being on the opposite side of her riffle. Tremor begins again but she promises that it isn’t her. While Coulson and Bobbie awaits for signal to find Zabo, he questions her on Hunter, she pretends she broke it off and he went back to booze. He realizes that the key was history repeating itself, he went back to Coulson’s home town. Skye proposes to go, they all refuse, she continues to argue that she’s able to control and she will ‘ice’ herself if she loses control, but they need her to go against her father. Zabo explains to Coulson that they want to expose Shield and he wants to prevent them from doing the same to Skye. Mae comes with Skye, holding her at gunpoint. Zabo knows May won’t kill Skye as it’s Coulson’s doing. He hands the mic over to Angar but Tim interrupts and leaves with Zabo.

Everyone’s fighting when Skye loses control, tremor begins but she’s able to control it as bruises appears on her hands and she passes out. She has multiple fractures on her hands and arms. They explain that she wasn’t stopping the powers but directing them inwards. Simmons explains to Coulson that Angar and the others’ powers were man made but Skye and Raina were born with it. Coulson tells her they have to figure out how to stop them in case it comes to that. He reminds her not to breathe a word about it. Dr Garner suggests that Skye leaves shield, refuses to counsel her, that it’s too much for her emotionally and physically, May counters that she is save with them and they are as close family she has.

Bobbie attempts to reason with Simmons who refuses to forgive Fitz for lying. She gets called away by Mack who has Hunter hand cuffed to a pipe in a bathroom. Mack explains and brings Hunter to an office and introduces them as ‘The real Shields”.

Zabo is held captive and he questions his captor, why they took him away and not Skye, he explains to him that he’s taking too much noise and that he isn’t one of them, he’s just a science experiment. He wonders what happens then, he points him to walk and says it’s not up to him to decide.


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