The Originals : First Look Of Dahlia : She arrives in New Orleans and Sneak Peak of next episode

The originals show has been building up Dahlia’s character , played by Claudia Black, for sometime now, we saw glimpse of her history within the past few episodes but we are finally going to meet her on the next episode set for April 13th.

Here’s what got out of Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan.

“It’s just so exciting that they got the casting so right because I was so worried. We built up Dahlia for a long time—if someone comes in and is terrible or really isn’t frightening in any way or something, that’s the season ruined. But Claudia Black is just wonderful. First of all, she’s a veteran at sci-fi and fantasy. She knows what she’s doing, so she’s really able to handle the intensity of those speeches about curses and witches and wolves and vampires and all of that stuff, which is a whole other skill set to teach at drama school.”

He was asked whether there were any similarities between Klaus and Dahlia, he answered “They’re definitely of the same blood.”

Here’s a visual sneak peak of what’s to come

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