Marvel’s Agent Shield 216 – After Life

Coulson shops for a car but Hunter steals the owner of the shops car and they go to the retreat and realizes Skye was taken by Gordon. Coulson beats himself on what happened to Sky and the team, Hunter bad mouths Bobbi and Mack but Coulson counters that neither of them are bad, just chose different thinking they were right. Coulson sets the alarm to get the Shield Agents to come get them. He uses cards to create projections of them and shoots down the agent. They dress up as Shields agents but are recognized and handcuffed but as the ship is about to launch but Coulson’s back up stops them. He introduces Hunter to Agent Peterson. He flies the bird. Agent Peterson tells them about his finding, a man connected to Skye’s father who hunts powered people and experienced on them. Coulson tells Hunter that they need to find Grant Ward who will help them find Skye.

Gonzales works on Agent May to get them on their side. She doesn’t budge. He calls her the Cavalry after showing her a secret file and mention they need to put down Coulson. He questions her on his whereabouts and she tells him when he wants to be found, he will let them know and counters that Coulson is one man that can’t be put down. Gonzales comes with a gun and tells May she has two choices, she can shoot him and leave or hear him out. He offers her a seat on the board. Once they have Coulson she can fight for him to remain alive. He asks her to defend Shields or it will fall again.

Skye wakes up. She wonders where she is. Gordon tells her she’s at the safe place where they are healing her. She’s introduce to her transitioner, Lincoln. She stresses that she needs to go back, that her friends are in danger. He tells her she needs to take care of herself, that only Gordon can bring her in or out of where they are, which they call ‘After life’. She wonders why everyone is staring at her, he explains to her that everyone she sees are waiting to be chosen, as they carry the genetic marker but she did it old school, with the diviner in a kree temple and went through the mist. She wonders if Raina is there, he evades the question but promises her that no one is there to harm her that they will protect her. Lincoln asks Skye to see her powers, she refuses but he shows her his powers, electricity. He learned to control it and makes her fly. Tells her she can do the same if she decides to control her powers instead of ignoring. He reminds her that they were all chosen to do something bigger than they can imagine. Skye asks Gordon to give a message to her friends so they know she’s okay, she promises to ask permission to the elders but he’s sure they will advise against it. She questions about her father and Raina, he can’t tell them. Gordon goes to see Skye’s father who rants that he’s one of them but can’t even live normally. He wants to see his daughter. Gordon counters that he’s made out of science and is nothing like them. Gordon tells him that he sealed the faith of his daughter and ruined everything and leave. Lincoln lets it slip while speaking to Skye that there’s another one. She realizes Raina is there, she gets upset and goes to find her. He attempts to get Skye to understand that she needs a chance. She finds Raina and strangles her when she compares her to what she has become. She’s stopped by Jiaying who tells her she’ll be her mentor and argues that Raina deserves a second chance and that she is one of them. She asks her for a few days and if she still wants to leave, she can. She goes to rest. Jiaying goes to see Skye’s father and as he tells her that he promised her she would find her, she hugs him and tells him thank you for finding their daughter. He asks to see her, but is refused.

Gonzales stresses to Bobbi the need to open the box, Bobbi tells them they need Fitz. Gonzales decides to go speak to him and Jemma, he tells him he wanted to recruit him but Coulson beat him to it.He asks for their help but they both refuses. Fits agrees to leave instead of helping them. Gonzales theorizes that Coulson is more dangerous than they thought because Fits wants to remain loyal to him. Bobbi works on Jemma to open the box, she agrees after making Bobbi promise they will leave if there’s nothing to worry about. Mack goes to see Fits and tells him Jemma is about to open the Box, he views at the video and wonders why she’s doing it the way she is but figures it out. He goes to see her, argues with her, she begs him to help her but he refuses. Jemma tells the team she’s not able to open the box, they need Coulson’s dna. Fits shares his goodbyes and at the cab, opens his bag, reveals the box with a sandwich and a note from Jemma to be safe.

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