The Originals 218 – Night Has a Thousand Eyes

Hailey is taking a walk in the city with Jackson, people begin to act differently. One man offers a Black Dahlia to baby Hope and he becomes possessed. Klaus demands Dahlia to show herself, Jackson gets possessed and says that she’s everywhere and that she will take what’s hers. Klaus gets upset at Hailey for disobeying him and leaving the house. Freya offers a beverage to prevent them from being possessed. Klaus refuses it. Freya proposes to use Jackson to trace Dahlia’s magic to find out where she is. Hailey agrees and brings the same beverage to Jackson who feels guilty. He begs her to leave with Hope and their pack. He maintains that it’s not their war. Freya channels Rebekah on Jackson but Rebekah sees Dahlia and realize that she’s channeling Freya, that’s why she’s able to be so powerful. She counters that Dahlia is trying to put everyone against her but Rebekah tells her that she has to leave because she’s bonded to her. Freya walks the city and comes face to face with Dalhia who promises her that she will be begging for her to come back once she’s through killing her entire family. Elijah berates them for letting Freya go. Freya comes back and she warns them about Dahlia making a move that night and that Klaus and Micheal are next.

Klaus calls Hayden to be his eyes and ears since Jackson has been compromised. Jackson tells Hayden that he plans to leave with Hope and Hailey and that he will be leader while he’s gone. Josh tells Hayden he overhead him on the phone with Klaus. Hayden is torn and isn’t sure what to do. Elijah and Marcel brings Josephine to St Jame’s infirmary and ask her to cast a spell there to prevent the use of any magic. She at first refuses until Elijah reminds her that if anyone stands aside and let his family be threaten that he will be force to see them as enemies. She accepts and will cast a blessing spells, to prevent any magic who should do harm. When Marcel goes to get Hope to bring to St Jame’s infirmary. They are awaiting Hayden who’s wrestling with whether to call Klaus or not. Marcel encounters them and bring them to St Jame’s infirmary. Hayden lies to Jackson that there was traffic and despite being him being upset he understood.

Klaus goes to see Davina at the graveyard. He expresses concerns about her well being and then ask her for help to find Micheal. Klaus proposes Kol’s ashes so he can be resurrected in exchange of her help. They find Micheal and he proposes an alliance. He tells him to join forces with him, instead of bringing the materials to Freya knowing she may not survive but to give it to him instead, if they win, both their daughters will be free but if he fails, he will die and Micheal will be happy knowing he’s dead. Micheal doubts him but Klaus reminds him that they are both trying to protect the only ones who loves them despite being monsters. They get Davina to bind, these ingredients, soil from Dahlia’s homeland, viking ashes the source of her hatred and blood from Dahlia, the only thing she loves. All the sources of her powers bonded together form a weakness. She binds it to a knife that Micheal gives her. They go to Dahlia and are welcomed by her and her minions. They are able to kill them all but Dahlia over powers them. Freya and Elijah comes to their aid but Dahlia gets the knife and destroys it. She demands the child. Back home Freya blames Klaus for losing the only weapon that could kill Dahlia. Michael says Viking ashes, is rare, insults klaus. Klaus stabs him out of anger and questions him on why he never loved him even before he found out he wasn’t his son but yet loves Freya who he barely knows. He tells him he doesn’t know, he just did. Klaus asks for his final words, he directs them to Freya, telling her he loves her and klaus stabs his heart with the oak tree stake while the others watch. He tries to reach out to Klaus before collapsing. As he burns, Klaus tells them that they have a burning Viking who will be ashes soon.

Dahlia is playing the violin as Josephine is walking by. She comments her exquisite playing and Dahlia heals her fingers so she can play one last time as Dahlia will use her to send a message. She cuts her throat.

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