Marvel’s Agents of Shield 217 – Melinda Recap

Agent Weaver questions Melinda on the project Death Lock and Data Protocol, with Agent Peterson, that she has no idea existed.  She pretends Coulson didn’t tell her all the detail but knew of the project. She maintains that Coulson isn’t their enemy. Melinda reaches out to Simmons, she’s in charge of the base, she tells her about Death Lock technology, Simmons had no idea. So they research for proof that Coulson isn’t hiding anything. Melinda maintains that Coulson never keeps information private unless he has a good reason. They find out that everywhere he went wasn’t where he actually went, that he’s been spending a lot of money and had secret meeting with Melinda’s ex husband, Andrew. As she wonders why he would need all that, Mack tells them they believe he wants to build another base with powered people and exploit them. Simmons and Melinda doesn’t believe it.

Gordon attempts to reason with Raina,  who doesn’t show any powers yet. He tells her that he understands as he looks different too. Lincoln offers her something to help her sleep, she complains about nightmares of being hunted or Skye with her father at a dinner with champagne with a bouquet of Daisy’s and she looks happy. She continues that Skye got everything and all she got was thorns. He feels sad for her but begs her not to give up on them. Raina wants to leave and counters that Skye had a choice why can’t she. He tells her he can take her anywhere she can go that has no other humans. He reminds her that she’s too good to pity herself, he proposes himself as her guide and asks her to let him teach her.

We are brought back 7 years ago, Melinda is in the shower with her husband Andrew, making plans of having a family. Coulson comes in and before leaving on a missing, Andrew asks him to keep her safe. They are on a pursue of getting a ‘gifted individual’ , Eva Belyakov, to get her on board instead of having to put her down. Agent HArt comments that if they aren’t able to get her on board they will have to call in the ‘Cavalry’. Coulson attempts to speak to Eva but she tells him she wants his pain. Criminals kidnaps a kid and Eva goes in as one agent gets shot. Coulson attempts to reach out to Agent Obrian to negotiate but gets shot down. The tactical team decides to go in but Coulson refuses that Melinda goes in. The tactical team is taken all together and go ghost. Melinda worries about the little girl. Coulson ask for back up but they want to wait as authorities want to bomb the building. Melinda maintains that she can do this, Coulson is against it until he hears sirens and agrees she goes. He attempts to play diversion, they don’t listen to him until he mentions a biological weapon. They stop. Melinda calls Andrew and tells him she’s about to go in, he tells her to come back to her unharmed and that she’ll be able to save the little girl. Melinda  goes in, she finds her team but they all look in trance requesting her pain. She locks them in and takes down every Criminals. She finds Eva who fights her and wants to feel her pain and grows stronger the more she takes pain, the more powerful she gets. Melinda sees the little girl and promises her to save her, she a bullet to her foot. She fights Eva but is able to kill her but her team is still in trance. She only finds out then that the Little girl is really the one with the power, when she walks and says she likes the pain. She begs Melinda to touch her hand. With one touch of her hands, she could leech, people’s emotions, she was totally uncontrollable. Melinda attempts to reason with her, she refuses, Melinda guns her down and feels guilty about it. Coulson attempts to remind her that she saved all of their men. She cries on Coulson’s shoulders. Melinda asks to be transfered from field agent to administrative task.

Skye and Jiaying are catching up. She teachers her to focus her powers so she can control it. She teaches her that she has the ability to feel the vibrations, a frequency, of everything and to resonate with them. Lincoln is impressed that Jiaying is training her as she never done it before. Sky finds out she’s the one in charge. They continue training and Skye begins to talk about how she destroys everything around her, jumping from foster family to family. That Shield was the closest thing from family she had and they sent agents against her. Mentioned not knowing her real age and birth day. Jiaying reveals herself as her mother and tells her , her birth date. She explains to her that her father pieced her back together, that she and her father looked for her for years,that he changed since because he was so concentrated on finding her but at least he succeeded that. She makes her promise to keep it her identity secret. That others will feel her as a threat, that she has gone through the mist without preparation. She explains to Skye that she is responsible of people and tells her about Eva’s story, that she fled with crystals for her daughter Katia, she felt a darkness of her and didn’t listen to Jiaying. She maintains that Katia had to be stopped but not by Shield, she was her responsible and that the people know what a woman would do for her daughter, that’s why they have to keep their secret. Jiaying asks Skye to have one dinner with her father, she agrees. Her father brings her flowers, daisies. When Jiaying asks Cal to talk about Skye’s birthday,he tells her she was born in 1988. They drink to her being 26. Lincoln walks in on them, remembers what Raina said and realise the dream she had, wasn’t a dream.

Fits is in the bathroom, opening Fury’s box, he’s able to and contacts Hunter. He tells them he has the box and needs them to come and pick him up as he’s been followed. Hunter tells him he’ll be ok .

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