The Vampire Diaries 618 – I Could Never Love Like That

Enzo decides to drop Sarah to Damon’s house but is shocked to see Lily, who doesn’t recognizes him. He pretends he got the wrong house and he tells Sarah that she’s the woman who turned him in 1903 and that she’s ruthless. Sarah continues to quiz Enzo why she can’t remember her past, he tells her that Stefan compelled her to forget so she can live a normal life. He attempts to compel her to forget everything he said but she is on vervein that Matt gave her and injects him with some. She demands the truth. Enzo remembers shares his past with Sarah, him being sick with Turbeculosis and being refused to get on a ship. Lily kills the man who kicked Enzo and offers him to help. She brings him to a doctor who asks for money in exchange to heal him. She compells the truth out of the man. She feeds Enzo her blood before he dies and compels the doctor to come to Enzo and feed on on himself so he can complete the transition. He then explains that he searched for her and the new family but he was left alone and has no idea why. He snaps his restrain and tells her he will do the same thing that was done to her. He waits for the vervain to be out of her system. She tells him that he should give her the choice that he never had, that if she promises to never seek her family, will she let her go. He agrees, wishes her a nice life and leaves.

Caroline has a bet with Stefan that she can scare a man to death. She wins Karaoke the bet when she compels him to have a heart attack. Caroline is singing and everyone there wants her to shut up so they can study. Stefan compels them all to listen and drink their blood. Matt and Tyler goes in and sees the scene. Stefan prevents them from leaving. Caroline plays a game, she quizzes the men on herself, whoever gets the right answer, get to live. She asks them about her mother’s last memory, which neither of them know. Stefan tells them and she decides to kill them both. Tyler attempts to stab Caroline but she grabs Matt and he’s the one who gets stabbed. Stefan and Caroline laughs that Tyler will soon become a werewolf since Matt won’t make it.

Damon brings Lily to campus to find Stefan after they had breakfast and She discusses with Elena and quizzes her on whether she misses being human, then she asks Damon when she can free her companions from the prison world. Lily tells him she overhead him speaking to Bonnie about the cure and guesses he’s afraid to lose her if he tells her about the cure. Lily worries that Stefan doesn’t remember her. She explains to Damon that since turning vampire she isn’t the same woman, that she feels nothing for her sons and she found ‘the others’ who she is attached to. Damon threatens her to never see ‘the others’ if she doesn’t go along. She tells him, maybe he won’t hold his end of the bargain, he hands her over the ascendant and walks her through what to say to Stefan. When Lily shows up, Caroline stabs Stefan and flees. She admits to Stefan that she’s a ripper and he got it from her, that she didn’t want to hurt him, that she wished she could have seen him grow up but now they have eternity together, that she will never leave him again. Stefan gets his humanity back and cries in his mother’s arms. Stefan decides to go find Caroline. When Matt gets to the hospital he refuses Elena’s blood and say he will take traditional medicine. He explains that most of the time he died were because of his vampire friends and that with the flip of a switch they change. He can’t hate vampires and use them when he needs them and pushes Elena away.

Elena at the hospital helps the victims and she finds out Jo’s pregnant and she lets her know that Kyle is stucked in the prison world in 1903.  She’s happy and disappointed at the same time. Jo advises her to tell Damon how she feels. She does tell Damon that she always wanted family but at least she has Damon and wants to throw a baby shower for Jo. Elena gets a text from Jo to get to the hospital fast. When they get there, Jo tells them that her father requested for the Ascendant so they can destroy it. Damon tells them she gave it to Lily. She explains that Lily met with a group of witches that were castout of the Gemini convent, they were like Kyle. Lily turned them so they are both  vampires and witches. Elena counters that they can’t be both and she explains that these witches only have powers when they cipher powers from another source, but since they are vampires, they can cipher themselves.They were on their way to destroy the convent but the Gemini got to them first and exhiled. To imagine Kyle with the blood thirst of vampires, but there are 6 of them. They can’t be allowed to escape.


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