Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth Performs Paul Walker Tribute Song See You Again Live

Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth performed the Number 1 hit on Itune with footage of Paul Walker through out the years in Fast and Furious on Ellen Degeneres’ show.

In related news, FUrious 7 has grossed over $1 billion wordwide after 17 days in theatres. It’s the first Universal movie to make that much in history in 103 years.

NBCUniversal Vice Chairman Ron Meyers blogged about the success of the movie

“At Universal we have had franchises with strong results at the box office, including JURASSIC PARK, DESPICABLE ME and the BOURNE series, and although we take great pride in these accomplishments, what distinguishes FAST & FURIOUS is that it is an original live action concept with an entirely diverse cast. When our friend and colleague Paul Walker tragically passed away in the middle of production, our team, led by Jeff Shell and Donna Langley, and the filmmakers along with the cast and crew did what they do best. They focused on family first; then talked to the fans; then got to work on making a great film that we can all be proud of. We were all saddened and honoured to be a part of Paul’s final career performance and to celebrate his defining role in our lives.

furious 7

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