Jamie Foxx Talks Chris Brown, Album and Sister with Down’s Syndrome

Jamie Foxx was on the Jimmy Kimmel show, he performed with Chris Brown as well.

He talked about his upcoming album, dating in Hollywood and he took the liberty or speaking about Chris Brown’s daughter and also what Chris Brown has done for him.

“I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this, but I just saw Chris Brown with little daughter backstage [and] it was absolutely mind-blowing. It was something that I just went-tears for everybody. People ask me about this situation or why Chris is on my record. I’ve known Chris since he was 15. Some of the things that people don’t get to see [in] Chris, on the inside…like when he comes and dance with my sister, who has Down’s Syndrome, for hours at the crib and no one see that. So it’s some really blessed things this kid has to offer.”

Listen to the interview below

Watch the live performance with Chris Brown “You Changed Me”.

Like I always say, celebrities are humans, they make mistake like any of them. Everyone has demons, Chris is no different.

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