Tyrese Gives Advices To Chris Brown On Fatherhood

Chris Brown has yet to publicly confirm whether he was a father or not but he has shared multiple pictures of a 10 months old baby girl named Royalty. with the caption: “God has blessed me with a twin. #ROYALTY”.

Tyrese, being a father himself, decided to share a few advises so Chris could be the best father he can be.

“Chris my bro! Use this moment – Use this God given stage to give other young kings permission to get more involved with their kids. Young Fathers who look UP to you will say: #Breezy is proudly involved with his daughter so what the h*** am I doing?? Rather planned or not- it was ULTIMATELY in GODS plan for #Royal to be here. You have no idea how much literally EVERYTHING changed for me when I was blessed with my angel Shayla Gibson. She’s my boss, she’s my bottom line, so many people were CLEARED OUT because everything changed after she got here! , managers, agents, lawyers who were NOT on their A-Game GONE! Every so called friends that was in my face and stabbing me in my back….. GONE!!! DEAD WEIGHT…. It will weigh you down and ultimately STOP you from reaching your goals and tapping into higher levels of happiness…. It’s not about you anymore, everything we DO, SAY, everyone that we ALLOW to stay around us, every deal offer you accept, will directly effect your daughter.”

Tyrese is a father of one daughter with his ex wife Norma Mitchell. Chris Brown’s has one daughter named Royalty with Nia Guzman.

How did Karrueche react? According to sources, she smiled and looked proud.
“When Karrueche saw the photo of Chris and Royalty, she dropped her phone. She went to the bathroom for a few minutes to catch her breath and compose herself, and when she came back out and looked at it again, she smiled. The fact that Chris is finally growing up makes her happy. Karrueche is so proud of Chris and finds it refreshing that he’s taking care of his responsibilities. She’s so happy Royalty has her father in her life. It’s something she wishes she wish she had when she was Royalty’s age.”

There are rumors of him thinking about proposing to her on her birthday. Time will tell.

I have to say that after giving birth to my second kids, my view on several things changed and like Tyrese, I did notice the ‘Dead Weight’, once i got rid of it/them,life became much more simple. Whether young fathers follow Chris or not at least HE will be the best father he can be, showing his father, what he should have done, for him.

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