Marvel’s Agents Of Shield 218 – The Frenemy of My Enemy

While Bobbie and Mac trains, they express that they aren’t sure they made the right move and that Coulson isn’t the enemy. Simmons admits to May that she duplicated the box and that Fitz left with it. She berates her and tells Bobbie and Mac and blames it on Fitz despite it being Simmon’s idea. They tell her to hack into Deathlok’s program to find out where Coulson is, she agrees to prove that Fitz and Coulson are not guilty, despite being upset with May for telling.

Fitz is able to lose the guys who were following him and get son board with Coulson and Hunter. They fill him in reaching out to Ward and team up with him to get to Hydra to find Skye. He’s against it but goes along with it. Agent 33 / Kara finds out from her mother that men came to ask about her. She’s cornered by Deathlock, Coulson and Hunter. Coulson calls Ward and tells him they need to speak. He offers him to get him into Hydra’s headquarter in exchange of erasing all of his wrong doing and he’ll be a free man. He’s sceptical at first but Coulson reminds him, it’s either he accepts or he kills him. He agrees and uses a newly brainwashed Bakshi to get in. They send him in with Deathlock as their eyes. While they are inside, Bakshi offers Deathlock to Hydra but Ward and Agent 33 holds Coulson, Fitz and Hunter at gunpoint. Deathlock is about to shoot everyone. Coulson reminds them they can’t let him shoot down they need information, they all drop their weapons and Fitz is able to stop him on time. Dr List talks to Bakshi about Quantum entanglement, they are able to track when Gordon moves.They land at Cal’s apartment building. Agent 33 and Ward wonders why they would need Skye, Coulson pretends he doesn’t know.

Ethan Johnson, one of the potential future powered people who was with Jiaying is dead and Hydra is going to study his body. Skye tries to talk her mother out of sending her father away because he’ll get more dangerous. She reminds her that he can’t stay here because he’s not like them. Gordon tells Jiaying about Raina’s possible gift of seeing the future. Skye convinces Jiaying to spend a day with her father, to try to get him to change, in Milwaukee. They spend the time where Cal talks about the past and what he wished they had. He brings her to his old office and shows him his father’s medical kit which he used to stitch her mother back together. Skye uses her cell phone to call Shields and tells May to come get her father so they can contain him and drops her phone in the garbage so they can track it. Gordon tells Jiaying that Ethan is missing.

Hydra invades Cal’s building but Lincoln attempts to help Skye. He’s taken down by Hydra and Bakshi who doesn’t appear to be brainwashed after all also traps Deathlock. When through Deathlock they see Skye, Coulson goes with the help of Ward, Agent 33 and Hunter. They see each other but Gordon comes to take her while Cal jumps in. Deathlock is hacked by Simmons. May and Simmons sees Coulson with Ward and conclude he betrayed them. Ward questions Coulson what he wants to do. Coulson lets them go but stays behind to meet with Simmons and Mack. He surrenders.

Watch the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD next week’s Promo Video.

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