The Originals 219 – When the Levee Breaks

Elijah discusses with Klaus asking him what’s his plan now. Elijah and Rebekah blame him for killing their father and won’t help them now. Josephine comes to them with Dahlia’s message. She tells them that she is only here to come get what’s her’s, Klaus’ daughter. That they should be angry against their mother and not Dahlia, she just wants to add the baby’s powers to hers. She gives them a deadline and she will come for Hope. They realize it’s Dhalia, she begins the bleed and Klaus rips her head off. Rebekah reaches out to Freya, she attempts to explain to her what Micheal did for Klaus to hate him. She reminds her that there is no one better than Klaus to have by their side to go against Dahlia. She counters that she doesn’t understand why Rebekah continues to trust Klaus and she gives her an ultimatum, either she chooses her or Klaus. Klaus is painting and Elijah wonders why he’s wasting his time and that he needs to know where Micheal’s ashes are. Klaus refuses to share his strategy  because he will go and tell Freya. Klaus tells Elijah that his judgement hasn’t been the same since his mother got inside her head.  He tells Elijah that they don’t know whether Freya is the one who awaken Eva to trouble Rebekah or not. That she helped us with Fin but only after she sent him after them. He still refuses to allie with Freya. Klaus sees Aiden but pretends he doesn’t see him stealing the shackles. He tells her that he’s glad he’s loyal and threatens him if he becomes disloyal he will handle him personally. He brings it to Davina and Josh worries that Klaus saw him. He tells Davina to transfer the shackle magic to something the baby can wear. She agrees. Rebekah goes to see Marcus, he reminds her that Klaus always has a plan. Rebekah wishes she could take him down, Marcus remembers that Davina and Kol had made a dagger that could put him down. He goes to ask Davina who refuses and blames him for not coming to see her when Kol died. That she needed his shoulder to cry.

Elijah goes to see Freya,he reminds her that she’s the one who came to them, desperate to be free, which means she needs them as a family to win that war. He tells her to fight with them or leave and be stuck with Dahlia again. She makes him promise that Klaus won’t be their undoing.  Camille goes to see Klaus wanting to talk. He pretends it’s not bothering him that he killed his dad but she sees through him. Elijah attempts to appeal to Klaus to allie with Freya but he still refuses.

Jackson continues to tell Hailey that they need to go. She maintains that Dahlia will be able to find them regardless. Hailey realizes that she can sense Hope only when she can sense magic but if she doesn’t have it, she won’t miss it and will be able to go under the radar. Aiden proposes to go get Klaus’ shackles that prevents witches to do magic.  Dahlia goes to see Hailey, kills all the werewolves but isn’t able to come in as she realizes the spell will make her in disadvantage. She tells Hailey that Freya wouldn’t be so angry if she had taken her when she was younger. She lived with the happy family memories. She promises she will take good care of Hope. Aiden tells Josh he’s in love with him and they decide to run away together but not before he tells the truth to Jackson. He gives Jackson the bracelet that Davina did and he tells him the truth about his alliance with klaus, Jackson punches him but thanks him for being honest and that he’s welcome to come back, that by telling the truth and risking his life for Hailey and hope, means he didn’t turn his back on his pack.  As he walks away Dahlia’s scratches him up and rips his heart out and leave him in the alley.

As Hailey is arguing with Elijah about leaving to the Bayou with Hope. Davina and Jackson brings Aiden’s body. They blame Klaus who looks surprised but admits he did it.  He tells them that anyone who crosses him, he will kill them. Elijah sides with Klaus.  Camille questiones Klaus on whether he did kill Aiden or not. He admits in anger that he didn’t kill Aiden. She asks him why he lied. He tells him that it’s better for them to fear him and that Hailey won’t run now that she saw how easy Aiden betrayed them. He maintains that only him can save Hope and she needs them to fear him. Davina comes to see Marcus crying and she hands him over the dagger to put klaus down. Hailey appeals to Elijah to buy them some time. She tells him about the bracelet. He agrees. Elijah realizes that their father’s ashes are in the painting. He tells Klaus Hailey left with Jackson with Hope. He attacks Elijah. He questions why he would provoked an Hybrid knowing he can’t win. He stabs him with the dagger, telling him for Hope. He looks in disbelief, when Rebekah and Freya walk in. The clock sings, their time’s up.

Watch the Promo of The Original’s Next Episode ‘City Beneath The Sea’ (If you watch close at 0:22 we see Klaus in the stairs)

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