Vampire Diaries 619 – Because Recap and Next Episode’s Promo

Stefan comes up with a plan to make Caroline believe that seeing his mother did not bring his humanity back. Teams up with Elena and Damon. He finds her, bring her to an hotel, calls room service to get towels but tells Caroline that whoever brings the towels, they will eat him. It’s Damon and he shoots them both. Elena goes to take over Alaric and Jo babysitting Caroline and Stefan. Elena brings her the letter her mother mailed for her. She refuses to read it and as Stefan burn it, he at first doesn’t want but complies. Damon questions Elena on where she sees herself in 5 years if she was human. She mentions, kids, working in the ER. When she questions Damon but he’s interrupted by Caroline screaming for them to quit talking about their future. Caroline attempts to sleep with Stefan but he refuses. Damon brings pictures of all the people Caroline killed. She’s unfazed by it and wonders why Stefan isn’t saying a word. Caroline insults Elena reminding her that no matter how much she dreams about the future, she won’t have it because she’s a vampire. Damon tells Elena that if she was human, they wouldn’t work, but she maintains that she still wants him forever, that it’s enough for her. Caroline dreams that she snaps Stefan’s neck and drives away. A cop stops her, it’s her mom. She realizes that Stefan is in her mind. She snaps out of it and warns Stefan to stop. He begs her to hold his hand so he can show her memories, she refuses, stabs Stefan in the heart. As she lays her hand on him, she sees memory of her mother speaking to Stefan, telling her mother that he would wait for Caroline as he wants them to be perfect. She breaks down and ask for the letter. But it’s burned. She cries and apologizes to Stefan for making him flip the switch, almost killing him.

Damon reaches out to Bonnie regarding the Ascendant, she gets angry about giving it to Lily and putting her life in danger. She decides to go to the Salvatore mansion to steal and destroy it. She calls Lily pretending she wants to have lunch with her. Enzo goes to see Lily, wanting her to clarify. She tells him that she never left him. That night she was captured with the others and being imprisoned since. When Lily mentions that her lunch date stood her up, she mentions Bonnie and Enzo tells her it’s a plan to get her out of the house. She doesn’t believe it but they both leave for the house. Bonnie finds the Ascendant and leaves with it right before Lily walks in. She sees the Ascendant missing and gets very upset and tells Enzo to leave. She calls Damon asking for the Ascendant but he has no idea where it is. She warns him to bring it back to her or she’ll destroy the cure. Damon goes to see Bonnie and begs her to give it back to him. She reminds him that if she gives the Ascendant, they will have to face half vampires witches that are much more stronger than anything they have seen. She attempts to give it to him, telling him that he never wanted to give the cure to Elena, he’s afraid of her living her life without him. She tells him it’s his choice, free the people who will kill her and many others, Elena growing old and dying or let Elena remain a vampire. Damon walks away. He goes to see his mother telling him he doesn’t have the Ascendant. She drops the box in the fire. Elena walks in and find the cure on the table. Lily tells Damon, she knew It wouldn’t bother him, if she destroyed the cure, he would have Elena forever but better to have Elena take the cure. Lily calls Enzo who tells her that loyalty means as much to him that it means to her. She reveals that she wasn’t able to control her ripper ways and killed a man.

Damon tells Elena, that he understands her wanting to be human again. He explains that he panicked at the thought of losing her, that all he sees in 5 years is her. He tells her how much he’s in love with her and not wanting to lose her but he wants her to have everything she wants. She tells him they can give it to someone else as she wants to stay with him. He decides to take the cure with her, so they can both be human together as he doesn’t want to face eternity without her.


Watch the promo of The Vampire Diaries next episode – I’d Leave My Happy Home for You

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