Bow Wow Leaves Cash Money and explains why

Bow Wow has released a video confirming the rumors, that he was leaving Cash Money. He wanted to release the video explaining his actions and to maintain that he isn’t leaving Cash Money on bad terms. He wanted to make sure the media did not spin it into a war.

He thanked Birdman for giving him a shot, says that Birdman took the risk into signing him. He continued with explaining that he’s learned a lot from Birdman. He denies having any issues that others artists may have mentioned having. He explains that he can’t be held up by anyone, he wants to be able to release records when he pleases and not on a timeline of a record label, he wants to be his own boss. He took the right time before he makes his move. Now he believes is ready and going back to the ones who made him, Snoop and Jermaine Dupri.

Before finishing his video he reiterated that he has no bad blood with Birdman, nothing but love but that he doesn’t want to work for anyone. It’s time and his hungry.

Watch the full Video on Bow Wow explaining him leaving Cash Money

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