Derek Luke Addresses The Ones who Has something Against his Wife Being Black

derek luke and wifeAfter appearing on the hit show Empire, fans were very disapointed to fin dout that not only was he married but that he married a ‘non’ black woman. The actor took his Instgram to speak on the matter.

“iamdereklukeI never usually entertain the opinions of others because everyone is entitled to they’re own opinion. (Positive or Negative)

But we’re in the year of 2015 & when should it be a “problem” to date outside of your race? Why is that an issue AGAIN? I’m doing the unusual & going through my comments & the comments I see about my wife being another race is bugging me out.

Who one chooses to date is that persons business.
Instead of focusing on (Happiness) & (pure Love) for some reason some folks are still focused on (Color). Doesn’t make any sense to me. But I guess that’s the ignorance of OTHERS.

My wife may not be Black but she is mine. And she’s mine with a heart of gold.
People are so quick to judge but can’t even distinguish the difference of another’s race.
Sophia Luke is Hispanic. She’s not white, she’s not black, she’s not Chinese, she’s Hispanic.
And she’s mine!!”

I can understand why he decided to address the matter but mentioning that she Hispanic is somewhat still entertaining that “she isn’t technically white” and I should marry “black”. He can marry whoever he pleases end of the discussion.

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