Lil Kim Accuses Her Baby Daddy Of Domestic Violence

Lil Kim and her ex boyfriend and also father of her daughter, Mr Papers, real name, Jerremy Neil  are currently in court fighting for the custody of their 1 year old daughter, Royal Reign.

Rumors are that Papers cheated on Kim when Royal was about two months old and they ended up in a nasty break up. She has been trying to keep her and the baby away from him since. However Mr Papers refuses to be just another deadbeat dad so he’s asking the court to force Kim to let him be involved in his daughter’s life with visitation plan. claims that papers were filed for visitation in June asking for one day a week to spend time with her and agreed to have it supervised.  Kim did not show up to the July 9th hearing but instead filed a separate lawsuit claiming that paper had been abusive during their relationship. His publicisit ,Tasha Hilton, claims that kim is using this against his client to prevent him from spending time with his daughter and Mr Paper denies ever laying a hand on kim.

“The one thing that does matter to him is having his daughter in his life.”He doesn’t want his daughter to grow up and think her father didn’t care about her.   [Lil Kim is] playing really dirty now with the domestic situation. There has never been any domestic violence. He’s not trying to take custody, he’s not trying to take her. He is literally just trying to see her. He’s been trying to do it very quietly. They had a lot of challenges with regard to being faithful and infidelity.”

I can’t say I blame Kim entirely. I’ve been in an abusive relationship in the past, involving a kid. Maybe she’s afraid that he’ll get back into the child’s life to play a mind game or get closer to Kim. He could be dangerous enough to harm them both. It’s a very complicated situation for me to judge either, while I’m not in either of their shoes. So I’ll keep my comments and hope that Kim and Him do the best for their daughter. Both men and women can get very dirty but anyone thinking Kim would just take it easy is a fool.

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