Christina Milian’s Sister Danielle’s son passes shortly after birth

It’s with sadness that we found out that Christina Milian’s sister, Danielle Milian, son died shortly after bith. He was born on Wednesday morning but dies only a few hours after birth. She had posted an excited message after the birth of her son being very optimistic that he would beat the odds of the condition he was born with.

“Baby Richie has arrived! #prayersup for my #babyboy.. He is already a fighter #moo #obaby”

Unfortunately few hours later he passed away from complication with a condition he was diagnosed in the womb.

USweekly had reported :”

Richie was diagnosed with omphalocele — a life-threatening condition where organs form outside the body — during an ultrasound in March.

“The tech said, ‘I can’t see the sex…because I am seeing…intestines,’” the Christina Milian Turned Up star recalled, explaining that her son’s stomach, gallbladder, spleen, and liver could be seen outside his torso. “I was told there’s almost a 53 percent chance of mortality.”

Doctors advised Milian and her husband, Richard Dickerson, to terminate the pregnancy — but they decided to give their baby boy a chance at life.

“I said to [Richard], ‘Could you live with this?’ Because I know can. I know I could be in a hospital every day,” she told Us. “As a mother, I will do whatever it takes for my child…No matter how long he has in this world, I could not imagine taking his chance away.”

She spoke to USmagazine before the birth and explained how she felt about the birth defect.

“I had never heard of [omphalocele].  You start taking personal blame, trying to figure out what you could have done to bring this upon yourself and to your baby. It took a lot of research and quite a few doctors reminding me that there is absolutely nothing you could have done. It’s a pretty large defect, But I focus more on the photos of his face and you see this beautiful baby and you can’t understand how anybody has given you a choice to do anything but give him a chance. My sister and I have definitely connected since we are both mothers and I think that as moms, she knows that you want nothing more than the best for your children. [Christina] is a very strong believer that this is all going to work out, and with enough prayer, everything is going to be fine. These support groups have been really important for me,. They have opened up my eyes [to realize] there is survival and that these children can thrive. I recently met a woman who’s in her fifties who has survived this and doing well. That lets me know I’ve made the right decision.”

Despite the condition, she chose to continue with the pregnancy and prayed that he would make it regardless. She tweeted after her lost.

“Yesterday I was blessed with the birth of m y Richie Bear. Unfortunately, last night he took his place with the lord and we said goodbye. I so appreciate the prayers and support from everyone. He touched my heart and was perfect in so many ways.”

I pray for her, I can imagine losing any of my kids. Count your blessings.

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